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The school should not be too big

After finishing my education at Sabine Blindow-Schulen Hannover GmbH, I was looking for a higher education at a university of applied science. The school should not be too big like the crowded universities in Germany. There should be a friendly relation between docents and students and I did not want to loose much time studying. I decided to search for a fast-track study which should be abroad because the common language in a laboratory nowadays is English. In these days I remembered the visit of Mrs. Biskop and Mr. van der Ploeg in  Hannover. They had told us about the HZin Vlissingen and that there are small classes and a very good way of teaching.

Now, I am in Vlissingen since August and I can say that their promises had come true. I started in the 3. study year and in my lecture are approximately 7 other students. The docents are very friendly and helpful if there are problems. Maybe you are thinking that studying in Vlissingen seems to be nice but the town is too small for doing something else than learning? Do not worry! The HZ has got a lot of extra curricula activities i.e. HZ cult, the peer project, HZ sports or the two student unions with their own pubs downtown. But come to Zeeland and have your own experience at the Northern Sea!

Birthe Barke