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Daniella Chehade



When I was looking for a study programme, I had no idea what to pick. I was considering law, medicine and a lot more. After a while I found that what really defines me is sustainability, the environment and consultancy. So I started looking for a study programme in this field in English, since I did not want to continue my studies in my home country Dubai. After searching I came across ESSET, had a good feeling about it and enrolled myself.

Cool project

I liked the air quality project. In this project I and the rest of my team had to examine air quality at different locations. I liked the practical work and approach of this. Going out to another location every day, doing measurements, getting new results each day and continuing to work with those results. The focus was more practical than theoretical. Of course theoretical work was still needed.

What is great about ESSET

I like the lecturers. They are always very helpful and make time for you: you can just walk by their office, no appointments needed. The entire culture of ESSET is great as well, with all the different cultures. Everyone is very friendly. But the greatest thing I love about ESSET is that it is future-proof. Environmental science is what is needed to preserve our planet without giving up everything we are used to.