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Django Milner Vaas

Why ESSETDjango

I am British but lived in Germany for the past couple of years. When I graduated from school I was looking to do a study programme in environmental science, since I have always had an interest in this area. I wanted to study in English and meet new people from different cultures. I ended up with ESSET since I was fond of the idea of studying in a new country with people from all over the world.

Interesting project

A unique project I have done has been about sustainable energy sources. Sustainable energy is a topic I especially like: I also chose it as a topic for a large essay in my previous education. The goal of this project was to find out if it is possible to make a country run on 100% sustainable energy. To achieve this we had to work in project teams and collaborate to bring all the gathered information from different renewable energy sources together.

What I love about ESSET

The thing I love about ESSET is the atmosphere - everyone is really friendly and helpful. The thing I like especially is the way applied science is taught at Avans. There is a good mix between theory and practical work. We get theory in class, take tests and exams. Simultaneously, we need to put our knowledge to work in project teams where we work on projects of various topics. Each project takes up 10 weeks and is based on real-time problems worldwide. Because of the project work, we get the knowledge and skills we need to later work on big projects in the field of environmental science.