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Sven van Best

Why ESSETSven van Best

For a very long time I did not know what I wanted to study. I have travelled and worked a lot. After a few years I slowly acquired a new goal. I decided that what I really want is to be a part of the big change that is needed to preserve our planet. This goal gave me the motivation to search for a suitable study programme, which was when I discovered ESSET. I did not graduate from my previous education and eventually took a test to be admitted to ESSET. I loved it that this option was available, since I am very happy with my current study programme.

Cool project

The project I liked the most was a project on sustainable energy. This fits perfectly with my goal, which is to make a change. I liked the project since we needed to find out and calculate what it takes to make the Netherlands 100% sustainable. I found this to be very interesting, since it shows you what needs to be done and that we are currently only at the beginning of this process.

What is great about ESSET

I like the international aspect of ESSET. Everyone who has chosen ESSET has the same goal: to make the world a better place. Everyone wants to do this in his own way but having the same goal makes people click. The atmosphere is great, it is nice to meet people from different cultures and the lecturers are very helpful. The thing I like most, when you are given assignments as a group, is that the lecturers support you but it is up to you to find solutions, information and get things organised together with other students.