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Tamkin Haider



At my former school, back in Bangladesh, we had a 5-week exchange programme with the Netherlands. In this time I got to know the Netherlands and chose to continue my studies there. When looking for a study programme I came across ESSET and decided to enrol myself. The main subjects that interest me have to do with the environment, biology and ecology. I would like to help preserve our planet in my later work.

Cool project

I have not taken part in many projects yet, since I started my study right away in the second year. The most interesting project I have done so far is cradle to cradle (C2C). In this project we looked at the environmental impact of disposable coffee cups. I had no idea about the impact of such a simple daily used item. I have decided to use a mug from now on since it is just so much better.

What is great about ESSET

The thing I find great about ESSET is the international character. Being able to meet people from different cultures has given me a new perspective in life. Furthermore, I like the atmosphere of Avans, our lecturers are very friendly and open-minded. The education provided is very modern: a combination of real classes and online assignments. This is something I like and that is new to me since in Bangladesh we still did everything by hand with pen and paper.