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Zita Melinda Csoka


I have always been interested in the environment. I want to be able to make a change that helps to preserve it. I chose to study ESSET in the Netherlands after I visited an educational fair in Hungary. I wanted to study abroad and in English to meet people from other cultures. ESSET was represented at the fair, and I got a good feeling after learning more about it at the fair.

Cool project

I very much enjoyed the first-year project on sustainable energy. We had to find out what it takes to make a country 100% sustainable. For this we needed to work in a project team and use the theory we had in class and put it to work in a practical environment. The mix between theory and practical work is what I like about the education at Avans. The practical work is in a way your independent research, since you are responsible for the information you find and the way in which you use it.

What is great about ESSET

The international aspect is what I really like about ESSET - everyone is from a different culture. When I decided to study ESSET I knew about the mix between theory and practical work but I expected less from it, so it was a real surprise and I am very happy to have chosen this programme. Another thing that is great about ESSET are the lecturers, they are always there for you when you need them.